Terms of Service


1.1. By using our service or to register the same in order to use all resources available to it, you accept and agree to the following   terms and conditions.
1.2. The terms below apply to any of the services offered by the site frogshost.com


2.1. Frogshost reserves the right at any time, permanently or temporarily, modify or terminate the service for any reason and without notice, without this implying any liability regarding any user or third parties.
2.2. We also reserve the right to modify these terms periodically and without notice. The User agrees that it is responsible for regularly reviewing these terms to keep it informed of any changes.


3.1. Frogshost provides for the possibility that you have your own chat room on Camfrog* by payment of a monthly subscription.
3.2. Frogshost offers FREE OF CHARGE Technical Support for users.


4.1. We have no relationship with any other sites unrelated to Frogshost Group.
4.2. We offer VideoChat room rental service for Camfrog*.


5.1. Frogshost has an explicit policy on the issue of online privacy. It is part of our policy to respect the privacy of its users as Privacy Policy published on our website.


6.1. Frogshost uses Payeer as online payment processor. All information provided in these sites, is encrypted, secure environment and Frogshost has no responsibility on the data process.
Further details on the terms of service and privacy policy of Payeer, must be obtained on their websites: https://www.payeer.com/


7.1. You acknowledge and agree that content, including, without limitation, text, software programs, music, sounds, photos, graphics, videos or other material contained in advertisements in frogshost.com available and the information available to the user through the service or advertisers may be protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents or other intellectual property rights and laws. You acknowledge and agree that you can not copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute or create derivative works from such materials or information without the express permission of its owner.
7.2. Frogshost provides services independently to the Camfrog* user communities. They are trademarks of the terms Camfrog Camshare LLC, Camfrog PRO, Camfrog Bot, Camfrog Server used this site, and are the property of their Camshare LLC images here used the programme of videochat Camfrog*.


8.1. In view of the current state of the art relating to communications and electronic transmissions of data via the Internet, the operation of computer hardware, frogshost.com not guarantee that services will be delivered in an uninterrupted, secure or free from errors or failures.
8.2. Frogshost offers no guarantees of any nature with regard to services, whether express or implied.


9.1. The User expressly agrees and acknowledges that Frogshost will have no responsibility, whether contractual or non- contractual, by any moral or material damage, including without limitation, damages for loss of earnings, loss of substance of trade or other information or intangible losses resulting from:
(I) use or inability to use the Service;
(II) cost of purchasing goods or other services associated with the purchase of goods, information and data by or through the service or receiving of messages or transactions established on or through the Service;
(III) unauthorized access to the transmission of information or User, and the amendment of these;
(IV) guidelines or conduct of others on the Service;
(V) for reasons of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances and acts practiced by the User.

9.2. Frogshost is concerned about the safety and privacy of all its users, especially children or adolescents that may access the Service. Remember that the Service is designed to attract a large audience. According to the law applicable to children and adolescents, it is the responsibility of parents to determine whether a Service and / or content is appropriate.
9.3. Because of offering the service for hosting of rooms for the program Camfrog, frogshost.com NOT be held responsible and have no interaction with the content of each class of videochat, with the same responsibility of the contractor of the service.


10.1. Frogshost not request in any way personal data, password, e-mail and other via IM – Private Message, or other means that are not INSIDE www.frogshost.com website or by e-mail support@frogshost.com when first sent by the user.
10.2. Each and every request will be made through our website inside of Technical Support and Contact area.
10.3. You understand, accept and believes that Frogshost can send emails when a purchase is made, confirmed a payment, a reminder of payment and any other information they consider relevant for the user, not well characterized SPAMs.


11.1. Frogshost disclaims any responsibility that the use of Camfrog* program can bring you. You understand that you is entirely responsible for what reading, writing, speaking and listening, thus freeing frogshost.com of any responsibility over the content viewed, heard, read and written.

12. SERVICE SUPPLY – Hosting Rooms

12.1. Frogshost has TOTAL rights under the Hosted Rooms to perform the following actions:

a) Security Updates on server. (This includes the room shutdown for a period equal to or less than 30 minutes every 15 days)

b) Provide technical support to user, owners and operators when necessary.

c) Ban inadequate users, which are causing some kind of problem to GOOD progress of Camfrog* program. (The ban comes after evidence of acts that go against the TOS (Terms of Service) from Camfrog *.)

d) Monitor the current content in a particular room, where an owner or operator is not present.

NOTE: The Server Admin nickname – Lamborghini_ZZ will be added to the owner list of rooms on each update because it is an automatic process. The nickname may be excluded from the Owners List upon request by Responsibility Terms to be SIGNED and SCANNED and sent by email.

12.2. Restrictions on the Service Supply:

a) Frogshost MAY NOT interfere in how a room is operated by his responsible, provided that the conduct is within the TOS (Terms of Service) of Camfrog*.

b) Frogshost CAN NOT remove, add, block or any other action type on room control when one of rooms owners or operators are present, except in cases of major force such as technical failure or momentary / temporary inability responsible to execute such commands.


13.1. Frogshost has full rights to CANCEL without notice the service of Hosting Rooms if detected one of the following issues:

a) ILLEGAL Sales of Camfrog PRO without proper permissions.
b) Disclosure and / or propagation of false information.
c) Disclosure and / or spread of sites, and other programs that contain viruses or scripts that can damage the user’s computer.
d) Non-compliance of Camfrog* TOS (Terms of Service).
e) Racism, Drugs, Pedophilia (The competent authorities will be informed immediately).

13.2. We NOT provide refunds after online your room.

14. 18+ ROOMS

14.1. To rent and Register a 18+ room i assume my age is equal or older than 18 years old.


15.1. All notices to any of the parties must be made in writing, via e-mail to support@frogshost.com. Frogshost may disclose notices or messages through the site www.frogshost.com to inform the user of changes in service or terms of service, or other relevant matters.