All our payments are processed securely through Skrill.

If you do not have a Skrill account and do not wish to set one up, you can still pay using your credit/debit card securely via the Skrill gateway.


There is no contract and we cannot automatically take payment from your account.

However, we will send you an email 4 days before your next months payment is due.

This email will contain a payment link which will direct you to Skrill’s website so that you can make payment for the next month.

4 days before your payment due date we will send you a payment reminder.

Answer this e-mail with subject: “CANCELLATION REQUEST”.

Once your order is placed and your first months payment has been received, we will set up your room straight away.

The maximum amount of time this will take is 48 hours although this is usually much sooner.

Once your room is set up, we will email all the details such as how to access room logs and your online control panel to the address you provided when you registered your room.

If there are any problems, such as the room name you chosen is already registered, then we will try and message you directly on Camfrog to notify you or send you an email if you are offline.

If you lost our welcome e-mail with your login information, use the link bellow to access your control panel:


All information will be forwarded to your registered e-mail.

You can change your room name directly by Control Panel and its FREE OF CHARGE!
As Camfrog BOT don´t allow remote registrations (Camfrog Restriction).
We ask you to open a Support Ticket to change your bot name and we will do it for you FREE OF CHARGE!

All requests have a expected solution time between 4 to 48 hours depending of the queue and type of request.

The most general support requests have a solution until this time.


 We not allow any third-part software installed on our systems.

 We offer only the official Camfrog software package & plugins.

 If you want special plugins that are not official from Camfrog, you can use it on your own bot installed  on your computer by your own risk.

 We not recommend this, since many plugins have trojans and virus.


 We will send you an e-mail if any problems are detected on our systems.

 You can check the system status, visiting our blog – https://www.frogshost.com/blog/

 Our blog is the official status page from our company.

If you have any other questions which we have not addressed then please feel free to contact us.