cloud_150 Camfrog Server Configuration

Global commands:
/help – display help message
/ver – display version and uptime
/ignore – manage ignore list
/whowatching – check who is watching on this user
/watchlist – check user’s watch list
/top – display top users for the room
/pop – open top users videos
/msg – send a private message to user or group
/bot – send a private message to the bot
/report – report user’s webcam as inappropriate
/quit or /exit – exit the room

Control user behaviour:
/kick – kick user
/ip – display user’s ip
/blockmic – block microphone
/unblockmic – unblock microphone
/punish – punish user
/unpunish – unpunish user
/punishlist – display punished users
/isbanned or /banned – check if nickname or IP address is banned
/ban – ban user
/unban – unban user
/clearbl – clear banlist

Room settings management:
/stat or /stats – display room statistics
/setopt – change room options
/oplist – manage operator list
/addfriend – add server’s friend
/delfriend – remove server’s friend
/clearol – clear oplist
/topic – set the room topic message
/notopic – reset topic
/moderator – turn moderator mode on/off

/SETOPT possible parameters:

/SETOPT topic topic text – set the room topic
/SETOPT moderator on|off – only allow operators to chat in the room
/SETOPT talk_time 0, 10-120 in seconds – limit maximum talk time
/SETOPT no_bots on|off – do not allow bots to the room
/SETOPT motd MOTD text – set the room MOTD
/SETOPT motd_agree on|off – make users agree with the room MOTD to join the room
/SETOPT cams_only on|off – do not allow users without camera to join the room
/SETOPT password password – set the room password
/SETOPT password_enabled on|off – enable the room password
/SETOPT nospam on|off – turn anti-SPAM filter on or off
/SETOPT teens_only on|off – do not allow adult users in the room
/SETOPT punish_timeout 60-259,200 – set default /punish timeout in seconds
/SETOPT punish_for_spam on|off – punish users instead of kicking for the SPAM
/SETOPT delayed_posting 0, 10-120 – delay messages from free members for a few seconds after they join
/SETOPT text_len_limit 0, 1-10,000 – limit the max amount of characters per message for free members
/SETOPT smile_limit 0-250 – limit the max amount of smiles per message