gcf_bot Camfrog Bot Configuration

Bot commands list:

 ** Instant message control plug-in commands (imcontrol.dll/libimcontrol.so) – CSLLCIMC

/ver – display bot version (version.dll)
/pause – pause the bot (the bot disconnects from the room, but the bot is still online)
/resume – resume the bot (connects to the last room)
/shutdown – shut down the bot
/imrefresh – reload the instant message control configuration file
/help – show help
/addowner – add a user to the owners list
/delowner – remove an owner from the owners list
/owners – show the bot owners list
/postmsg – post a message to the chat
/kickuser – kick a user from the chat room
/punishuser – punish a user in the chat room
/unpunishuser – unpunish a user
/modules – list of currently active modules

 ** Trivia plug-in commands (trivia.dll/libtrivia.so) – CSLLCTRV

/trvplay – turn the Trivia game on/off
/trvstart – start a Trivia game
/trvstop – stop a Trivia game
/trvclear – clear the records
/trvrefresh – reload the trivia configuration file

 ** Messenger plug-in commands (messenger.dll/libmessenger.so) – CSLLCMGR

/msgrtime 30-30000 – set the interval of message posting
/msgrclear – clear the message list
/msgradd – add a message to the message list
/msgrdisable – disable the messenger plug-in
/msgrrefresh – reload the messenger configuration file

 ** Bad words kicker plug-in commands (badwords.dll/libbadwords.so) – CSLLCBWD

/bexpr – turn the bad expressions catcher on/off
/bekick – select to kick for bad expressions
/bepunish – select to punish for bad expressions
/bereason – set the reason for kicking/punishment
/becount – set the forbidden words counter
/bewords – select the regular expressions/words mode
/beclear – clear the bad expressions list
/beadd – add an expression to the rule list
/berefresh – reload the bad words module configuration file

 ** WhoBanned plugin commands (whobanned.dll/libwhobanned.so) – CSLLCWBN

These commands are working with events that happened during the bot uptime only! For example if the bot exits and is restarted all   prior moderation events will be lost and you’ll need to check the logs file. All previous events can be found in the plugin logs at the  server.

/whobanned – check who banned the given user
/whounbanned – check who unbanned the given user
/whokicked – check who kicked the given user
/whopunished – check who punished the given user
/whounpunished – check who unpunished the given user
/whooped – check who oped nickname
/whodeoped – check who deoped nickname
/whorefresh – reload who banned configuration file

 ** Heap plugin commands (heap.dll/libheap.so) – CSLLCHAP

/hpplay – turn the Heap game on/off.
/heap – start game.
/hprefresh – reload the heap module configuration file

 ** HTMLLog plugin commands (htmllog.dll/libhtmllog.so) – CSLLCHTM

/hlogdisable – disable the html log plug-in
/hlogrefresh – reload the html log module configuration file

 ** Roulette plugin commands (roulette.dll/libroulette.so) – CSLLCRLT

/rltplay – turn the Roulette on/off.
/roulette [nickname] – send a random message to some user in the chat
/rltrefresh – reload the roulette module configuration file

 ** RSS reader plugin commands (rssreader.dll/librssreader.so) – CSLLCRSS

/rsstimerfeed – change the feed update time interval
/rsstimerpublish – change the news publishing time interval
/rssrefresh – reload the rssreader configuration file

 ** 8 Ball plugin commands (8ball.dll/lib8ball.so) – CSLLC8BL

/8disable – disable the 8 Ball plugin
/8name – change the 8 Ball name
/8refresh – reload the plugin configuration

 ** Ghost plugin commands (ghost.dll / libghost.so) – CSLLCGHT

/ghtplay – turn the Ghost game on/off
/ghtclear – clear records
/ghtrefresh – reload the Ghost configuration file

 ** Greeter plugin commands (greeter.dll/libgreeter.so) – CSLLCGRT

/grtdisable – disable the Greeter plugin
/grtnoroles – disable roles checking
/grtnosexup – disable sex checking

 ** Math Trivia plugin commands (math_trivia.dll/libmath_trivia.so) – CSLLCMTR

/mtrplay – turn the Math Trivia game on/off
/mtrstart – start a Math Trivia game
/mtrstop – stop a Math Trivia game
/mtrclear – clear the records
/mtrrefresh – reload the Math Trvia configuration file

 ** Word Trivia plugin commands (word_trivia.dll/libword_trivia.so) – CSLLCWTR

/wtrplay – turn the Word Trivia game on/off
/wtrstart – start a Word Trivia game
/wtrstop – stop a Word Trivia game
/wtrclear – clear the records
/wtrrefresh – reload the Word Trvia configuration file

 Bad expressions rule examples

Matched strings
Wor.d World, Worsd, Wor d, Wor.d
Wo*rd Wrd, Word, Wooord
Wo+rd Word, Wooord
Wo?rd Word, Wrd
Word{2,4} Wordd, Worddd, Wordddd
Wor(d|k) Word, Work
Wor[a-z] Wora, Worb, : , Worz
[cba] a, b, c
.*word.* All strings with substring ‘word’